The View Producers BLASTED Over Remarks Made About Rosie Perez! Latina Group DEMANDS An Apology!

latina group demands apology for comments made abut rosie perez

Uh oh! The producers at The View are under some serious fire!

When rumors started swirling that Rosie Perez was preparing to exit the struggling daytime talk show after only four months there, people started talking.

[ Video: Rosie O’Donnell Responds To The Rumors About Rosie Perez! ]

According to some show sources who talked to the Daily News, Rosie was struggling with the teleprompter and isn’t “the brightest tool in the shed,” which is both untrue and very rude.

Even though Rosie O’Donnell went on an expletive filled rant to reassure the world that Rosie Perez was indeed coming back, a Latina group has sent an open letter to the executive producers of the show demanding an apology for her.

Identifying themselves as #YoSoRosie, they wrote:

“It doesn’t take a genius to read in to the racist and sexist language hurled against Ms. Perez. The stereotype that Latinas are stupid is outrageous. There is no excuse for this behavior. Network officials should not tolerate this kind of racist conduct. The fact that the leaks come from one of your staffers is deeply outrageous…

We expect more from the staff of The View and ABC network. When you disparage the only Latina on The View you disparage all Latinas. Rosie Perez and by extension, all Latinas, deserve an immediate apology.”

WOW! Sounds like these ladies are pretty serious!

The letter was then signed by over 80 individuals, some of which include some high-ranking Latinas in publishing, government, and the entertainment world.

If you want to, you can read the full letter right HERE!

What do YOU think about this? ABC should definitely issue an apology, no?

Jan 22, 2015 2:39pm PDT

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