What Feud? Victoria Justice & Ariana Grande May Not Be The Best Of Friends, But There’s Definitely No Hostility Between Them!

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Well, this is one less feud Ariana Grande can worry about!

While we can’t be too sure if the supposed drama between Ari and Jennette McCurdy is still going on, the world can rest easy just knowing the singer and her former Victorious co-star are on good terms!

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Victoria Justice recently cleared up the rumors of her and the Problem singer having ill feelings towards each other!

Back when the world found out the popular Nickelodeon show was on the verge of getting cancelled, rumors started flying about the cast not getting along and the blame was pinned on Victoria wanting to go out and do her own thing.

But according to the actress, that was NOT the case at all.

She said:

“I’m really glad that I was actually able to clear up those rumors. Those have been going on for a while, and I kind of had this mindset like, ‘Ignore the haters, I’m not going to feed into this negative nonsense,’ but I think people took my silence as being guilty and actually that wasn’t the truth at all.

I had nothing to do with Victorious not getting picked up again. I have a great relationship with all the Nickelodeon executives and my cast. And the tour not happening had nothing to do with me as well, other people didn’t want to go on tour, it wasn’t just because I went on a solo tour.”

Ariana probably wasn’t too bummed about Victorious being cancelled — considering the fact that she starred in her own show on the same network with Jennette!

Not to mention she probably also wanted to sit back and work on her music. If she had gone on tour, who knows if Ari would’ve had time to record her debut album!

Victoria made it clear for the last time:

“So there’s no feud with me and Ariana. She’s doing great with her music and I wish her the best and continued success.”

Aww, see? No one would say that if they were in a hate war with another person!

The two wouldn’t consider themselves to be best friends, but there’s definitely no bad blood between the two!

Jan 22, 2015 3:57pm PDT

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