Angelina Jolie Calls Out The Rest Of The World For Failing Iraq In The Midst Of ISIS!

Layin’ down the law!

Angelina Jolie made headlines on Sunday for a speech she made at a Kurdish refugee camp in Iraq.

In her visit to the middle east, Angie spoke about how the rest of the world is failing to help the Iraqi people, specifically after numerous attacks from ISIS.

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In her call to action, the 39-year-old referenced her own trips to Iraq, saying that in the two years she’s been out of the country, more than 2 million people have been pushed out of their homes.

She went on to say how the situation is much more brutal than what’s being reported, and basically implored all of the world’s leaders to actually do something.

Angie is no stranger to using her celebrity to generate positive change, so here’s hoping that something can be done to aid the millions of people for whom she is already supporting.

Ch-ch-check out the moving speech (above)!!!

Jan 25, 2015 6:02pm PDT

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