Is Chris Pratt Taking Over Another Famous Franchise — Indiana Jones!?

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Don’t call him Junior!

Chris Pratt is continuing his road to major Hollywood success with yet another revival of a classic franchise.

After revamping Legos, Jurassic Park, and even some 50-year-old comic books, Chris has now set his sights on another Steven Spielberg masterpiece… Indiana Jones!

Or rather, Disney has their sights set on him!

With its Star Wars reboot set to stun, the House of Mouse is now in the early stages of making a new round of Indiana Jones movies, (not like that crappy Shia LaBeouf one from 2008.)

[ Video: Chris Pratt In Jurassic Parks And Recreation! ]

And while this is nowhere near a done deal, we’re hearing that the Parks and Recreation star is the only person in mind for the titular role.

We really hope this pans out, because we’d get down with period-accurate archaeologist Chris Pratt.

…or any Chris Pratt.

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Jan 27, 2015 5:20pm PDT

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