EXCLUSIVE! Will Kourtney & Scott Disick Finally Break-Up Over The Lord’s Hard Partying Ways? Famed Astrologer Terry Nazon Has The Answer HERE!

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Kourtney Kardashian and her baby daddy, Scott Disick, have one of the most tumultuous relationships in reality TV history.

The ups and downs of the couple’s union have been profiled on Keeping Up with the Kardashians for YEARS and each season we never know what to expect from the twosome.

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From explosive fights to blissful reunions, Kourt and LD are insanely unpredictable.

So, we consulted our favorite astrologer, Terry Nazon, to see what the stars hold for this reality couple in 2015 — will they finally marry? Will the pair have a FOURTH child? Or will these two split for good?!

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Terry reveals:

“The tension, distance, and trouble you see between Kourtney and Scott on TV is real; very real and not made up for reality TV. Aries Kourtney may be putting up a brave front hoping against hope that Gemini Scott, her current baby daddy, will settle down and finally be the future husband and family man she desires. It seems unlikely though. Gemini Scott is a free spirit, spontaneous, erratic at times, and yet drawn to the spotlight and glamour of Hollywood; like so many Gemini Sun signs. More people born under the sign of Gemini are Hollywood’s elite, and are actors, actresses, directors and Hollywood studio big wigs. He does what he wants, when he wants and there’s little Kourtney can do to keep him in check, balanced or under control. The typical Aries gal jumps into love relationships and situations with great abandon expecting the best; never thinking that things would not work out.”

Oh, that’s not good! We all know how Scott’s deep love for the nightlife and fame has put pressure on his relationship with Kourtney!

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Nazon adds:

“As a couple he is both drawn to her and not. He wants her and he doesn’t. He definitely doesn’t want her to date or cavort with anyone else. She has to walk on eggshells with him, as he can be temperamental and nasty to her. So, there must be some realness they are not giving to us on their reality show, because he can really be nasty towards her. She has already closed down her feelings and trust of him. Her affections will not be given so easily anymore. She doesn’t trust him and he doesn’t deserve her trust, he’s sneaky. Let’s face it she has probably put up with more than a lot of women would have. Not all relationships come to a screeching halt they come to a slow painful, long drawn out end.”

Uh-oh, the lord gets nasty with Kourt!? That’s no way to treat a queen!

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As for the couple’s future, the outlook is even worse:

“By the Spring Aries Kourtney loses interest, stops making excuses and stops trying to save Gemini Scott from himself. By year’s end Aries Kourtney is done and moves on, either by choice or because there are no other options. The clock is ticking on this Aries Gemini pairing. He’s out of control and it only gets worse when she finds him sneaking a drink or two. All the reasons she’s stayed so far, like public scrutiny, the babies, and feeling sorry for Scott will not keep her in this relationship in 2015. Kourtney is not one to give up on anyone, nor kick anyone when they are down, but things aren’t getting any better with Scott. In 2015, Gemini Scott pushes life’s envelope too far. There is the possibility of more scandals, accidents, hospital visits or worse if he doesn’t get himself in check. The planets are not aligned for Scott in 2015, as he tries to figure out why he’s not happy. If Gemini Scott is not careful, he will lose her for good before years end.”

Sheesh! Maybe it’s best for Kourt and LD to part ways!

We just hope things end peacefully if the two do decide to split for good…

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Jan 28, 2015 2:02pm PDT

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