Man Dressed As Mr. Incredible Body Slams Woman Dressed As Batgirl On Hollywood Boulevard!! Watch Chewbacca Try To Intervene!

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If you’ve ever been to Hollywood or seen a movie about Hollywood, odds are you know superheroes are out on Hollywood Boulevard.

They’re just normal folks who dress up in costumes and let people take photos with them for tips.

But there are a lot of characters out there on the small stretch of Hollywood Blvd. in front of the Chinese Theatre. And that leads to turf wars.

We can only assume that’s what started the altercation between Muhammet Bilik, a man dressed as Mr. Incredible, and a woman dressed as Batgirl.

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Video of the two, shot back on October 22nd, shows them grappling and struggling as other characters try to separate them. Eventually, Mr. Incredible picks up Batgirl and body slams her to the ground.

That’s when things get serious and everyone else steps in.

Thankfully, Bilik was arrested and charged with battery, leading to a day in jail, three years probation, community service and anger management classes.

He was just sentenced on Tuesday, in an effort by city prosecutors to crack down on the occasional character-on-character violence that potentially puts families and young children in danger!

His punishment is the absolute least he deserves for attacking a woman like that!!

Check out the video (below) to see the whole fight go down!

Jan 28, 2015 3:38pm PDT

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