Katy Perry Will Make The Most Out Of Her Super Bowl Appearance! Plans On Pitching Limited Edition Products To Her Fans!

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She’ll be doing her best to put on a good halftime show!

And yet her singing and dancing ability won’t be the only things she’ll be counting on!

At this point everyone should know that Katy Perry will be performing at this year’s Super Bowl, but not everyone may know about this tidbit: the superstar will be using the BIG platform to pitch limited edition branded products to her fans on the internet, and the whole deal seems pretty innovative!

The lady love has teamed up with the Universal Music Group and Pepsi to allow fans to purchase the Katy Perry branded items on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Shazam as well as internet connected TV devices such as Roku, Samsung and LG Electronics.

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And the whole thing is being powered by a San Francisco-based interactive commerce company called Delivery Agent.

So basically if you have any of those TV devices or just even Twitter, you could potentially purchase these limited edition items that will be on sale!

The CEO of Delivery Agent says there will be FOUR limited edition items available during the halftime show, but is unsure of what those items are just yet! He said:

“The reality of these things is you never know what’s going to make it to the final performance.”

And if you don’t get any of the products on Sunday, don’t worry! They’ll be available to purchase until Tuesday, February 3rd.

Or until supplies last! So maybe get any products you might want on Sunday just to make sure you don’t miss out!

Jan 29, 2015 4:20pm PDT

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