Chris Pratt & Chris Evans Settle Their Super Bowl Bet In The BEST WAY POSSIBLE! Find Out Which Superheroes Will Visit Which Charity HERE!

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Chris Evans and Chris Pratt‘s teams may have been at war in the Super Bowl, but off the field, the Marvel stars had a superhero team-up!

Just check out the pic (above) of them watching the game together, along with Chris’ hot brother Scott Evans and Other Chris’ hot wife Anna Faris!

[ Video: Chris Evans And His Brother Scott Play The Newlywed Game! ]

But enough about the dream Sunday we all wish we spent with the Chrisses — what about that bet??

You know, where a Seahawks victory meant Captain America would visit Seattle Children’s Hospital, and a Patriots win would mean Star-Lord going to Christopher’s Haven in Boston?

Well, after the game Chris Pratt graciously tweeted:

We knew he’d go through with it and not let those kids down!

But wait! It gets even better! Because after that, Chris Evans tweeted:

They’re BOTH visiting BOTH charities??


Best of both worlds! Which we guess would be Earth and Xandar…

Wow! And the game didn’t even have to end in a tie!

So cool of both of these superheroes! We can’t wait to see them suit up and brighten some kids’ days!

[Image via Anna Faris/Twitter.]

Feb 2, 2015 10:50am PDT

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