Mila Kunis Made A Tinder Account At The Request Of Ashton Kutcher?! Watch Her Explain Why While Gushing About Motherhood HERE!

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Aw, the poor girl!

Luckily for Mila Kunis, she’s been able to stay at home with her adorable little one for the first four months of her life, but when work calls, she’s gotta answer!

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For the past two days, the Jupiter Ascending actress has been doing local press tours to promote her latest film and all she can talk about is her daughter Wyatt!

Mila stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and both new parents basically bonded over their young babies!

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The 31-year-old talked about how it felt to leave her daughter at home for the first time EVER and how she basically had to teach her mom how to use disposable diapers!

It’s usually the other way around!

The actress was unusually candid during her sit down with Jimmy. She even told the world about when she and Ashton Kutcher first started dating and how he basically had her create an account on Tinder AND Grindr!

Can you believe??

Listen to her talk about all of the above (below)!

On leaving her child at home for the first time:

On her Ukrainian mother taking care of her daughter:

Mila talks Tinder and Grindr:

Feb 4, 2015 12:04pm PDT

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