Former Power Ranger Will Not Be Charged In The Death Of His Roommate… YET

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Hmm, this is one tricky case!

While we thought Power Rangers Wild Force star Ricardo Medina Jr. would surely be charged with murder in the February 1 stabbing death of his roommate, Joshua Sutter, we’ve learned this is not the case.

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Law enforcement want prosecutors to investigate the incident further before they make the decision to charge Ricardo. Essentially, cops want to figure out if Medina was acting in self-defense like he claims.

It’s a hard case because Joshua allegedly forced his way into the actor’s bedroom during a heated argument BUT the roommate was unarmed. So, we have to wonder — was it self-defense if the victim was without a weapon?

So, do YOU think Ricardo should be charged?

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Feb 4, 2015 12:15pm PDT

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