3-Year-Old Cancer Patient Got Dressed Up Like Wonder Woman And Then Got A Text From The O.G. Wonder Woman… Lynda Carter!

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What an awesome surprise!

A three-year-old girl named Sophia Sandoval recently finished her last chemotherapy session after being diagnosed with medulloblsatoma last May.

And the strong little girl decided to commemorate the moment by donning her favorite superhero’s costume — Wonder Woman!

But the favoritism didn’t come from nowhere! Here’s what her mother Rossio Sandoval said:

“When she was taking the medicine, we would tell her she was going to get Super Woman or Wonder Woman powers.”

Well, we guess the brave little girl took that to heart because a photo of her went up on the Jessie Rees Foundation‘s social media pages, and it took the internet by storm!

And in fact it caught the attention of the original Wonder Woman from the iconic television show — Lynda Carter!!!

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Here’s what Lynda wrote on Twitter:

“A real life little WW!! Let’s show her some love.”

Aww! So cute!!!

And Sophia’s mother was so grateful for the tweet, saying:

“We felt so happy and so special because we didn’t really expect that. It is so awesome because I know a lot of people who see this will see that my daughter is kicking cancer, and maybe it will help others.”

As for Sophia, she still needs a MRI to make sure she’s free of cancer, but she’s already back home and can now play without the help of a walker.

Who needs comic book superheroes when you have real life heroes like Sophia in the world!

Props to Lynda Carter for making this lil’ one’s day and her loving momma! These three are Wonder Women!

[Image via DJDM/WENN & Image via Facebook.]

Feb 5, 2015 7:56pm PDT

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