6-Year-Old’s Family In Serious Trouble After Staging His KIDNAPPING To Teach Him About Stranger Danger!!

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This is so ridiculous, it sounds more like a movie plot than a real life story.

But it really happened.

A 6-year-old boy in Missouri was a very friendly child, and his family thought he was TOO nice to people. They wanted to educate him about stranger danger, and what better way to do that than to stage his kidnapping!

Wait… what??

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said that the young boy’s mom, Elizabeth Hupp, his aunt, Denise Kroutil, and his grandmother, Rose Brewer, wanted to scare him. So they got one of his aunt’s coworkers, Nathan Wynn Firoved, to lure the boy into his pickup after he got off a school bus on Monday.

That’s when the man told the boy he wouldn’t “see his mommy again” and that he’d be “nailed to the wall of a shed.” He even showed the boy a handgun to try and get him to stop crying.

That’s absolutely disgusting… and it only gets worse from there!

The man then tied the young child’s hands and feet with plastic bags. Then he used a jacket to blindfold him and then drove the boy back to his home. All four adults were in contact via cell phones the whole time.

Bound and blindfolded, the poor little one was taken down to his basement and left there for a while. At one point, his pants were removed and he was told he could be sold into sexual slavery!!


Eventually, he was untied and told to go upstairs. That’s where his family was, waiting to lecture him about strangers. That is unforgivable. We have no words.

That poor little boy must’ve been so scared!! Thankfully the youngster told school officials, who alerted the police.

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His mother was hit with felony kidnapping and abuse or neglect of a child, while his grandma, aunt, and her coworker were charged with felony kidnapping, felonious restraint, and abuse or neglect of a child. All four of the “kidnappers” were being held in Lincoln County Jail because we guess none of them could pay the $250,000 bail.

The family apparently feels they didn’t do anything wrong, saying they only wanted to educate the young boy. Well, that’s even worse. They didn’t know what they did was wrong and cruel and traumatic?

The boy is currently in protective custody, so at least he’s safe for now. We hope he can eventually get over the trauma we’re sure this caused him.

[Image via Lincoln County Sheriff Office.]

Feb 6, 2015 1:20pm PDT

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