The Original Hedwig Star John Cameron Mitchell Extends His Run In The Hit Revival!

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It’s kind of hard to top superstar actors such as Neil Patrick Harris and Michael C. Hall, but the producers of this show were able to do just that!

And the way they did it was by getting the original star and co-creator to headline this hit Broadway revival!

John Cameron Mitchell started his blast from the past performance in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on January 21st, and we guess he’s done a pretty amazing job as the star performer’s run has been extended six weeks!

His stint will now officially end on Sunday, April 26th — at that point another person will take over the role!

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The former Off-Broadway hit and current Broadway hit musical has been put on at the Belasco Theatre and besides John Cameron Mitchell, it also co-stars Lena Hall who has been hailed for her performance.

But no one can deny who audiences really want to see and that’s Mitchell!

He recently had an interview where he talked about his participation in the show with the other stars and how it feels to step into someone else’s performing shoes! He said:

“I didn’t want to get in Neil’s way because you know, the originator hanging around all the time is nerve-wracking, because he might have thought I wanted him to do it the way I had done it, which I certainly did not. I’d seen dozens of people play the role and I was very excited to see what Neil came up with. But I was certainly there for script ideas and jokes and popping in once in a while. But I mostly stayed out of Neil’s way.

And with Michael and Andrew [Rannells,] I came in for some dramaturgy sessions and suggested things here and there, but in their case it was a lot of the associate director working with them…So yeah, it’s always an awkward thing to step into someone else’s shoes and I found it awkward too because I wasn’t building the role from the ground up in this production, so there’s a tendency to lean towards what is tried and true. But this time I wanted to stretch things out more and be even more improvisational and so now, whatever comes into my mind I will say.”

Sounds amazing to us!

If you can’t get to New York to check out this hot musical you can always return to the movie that John Cameron Mitchell wrote, directed, and starred in.

But, really, there’s nothing that will totally replace the effect of live theater! Especially live theater with amazing music!

[Image via Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

Feb 6, 2015 4:03pm PDT

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