Kim Kardashian Cuts Her Hair Short And It Looks Fantastic!!!

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She’s looking good!

Kim Kardashian recently shared with the world that she had shortened her hair, and the results didn’t look half bad!

Oh who are we kidding – the results looked marvelous!

Even if Kim didn’t seem so sure about it!

Here’s what she said on Instagram:

“I cut my hair short today.”

Be more excited lady!

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A whole new look can mean a whole new life!

Kim made the change to her hair this past Friday and it seems like Kim’s team has really outdone themselves this time! She’s looking perf!

Here’s what she once said about her hair team:

“I do have a team of people, it’s not like I sit, curl, and do all of these hairstyles. I love my glam team, but as far as keeping it healthy, I am militant about taking my hairfinity [hair vitamin] every morning, I take two pills and then I don’t wash my hair every day.”

Well, we guess Kim just made their jobs easier by not having as much hair these days!

But now they have to keep her looking as good as she does right here, and it seems almost impossible to match the perfection she’s radiating in this photo!!!

Feb 7, 2015 11:10am PDT

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