Bobbi Kristina & Nick Gordon’s Allegedly Violent Relationship Was Prompted By His Jealousy Of Her Fame

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As Bobbi Kristina Brown is currently fighting for survival, more revelations about her private life prior to the incident are coming out into the open.

As we reported, the 21-year-old’s boyfriend Nick Gordon is currently being investigated for foul play as authorities believe there may have been an altercation between the two an hour before she was discovered unconscious in her bathtub with allegedly suspicious injuries.

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The couple have had a reportedly violent relationship and according to close sources, it was all because of his jealousy.

Gordon was supposedly envious of Krissi’s fame, in part because she was the sole biological daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

The 25-year-old was taken in by the late singer, but was never given the same recognition or publicity.

According to the source, the jealousy conflict came to a head when the tumultuous couple were trying to shop a reality TV show to networks, but discovered that executives weren’t willing to offer Nick the same deal as Bobbi.

Because of this, they reportedly turned the deal down.

We just hope for the truth to come out, and that punishments — if appropriate — will be given to those responsible.

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Feb 9, 2015 2:17pm PDT

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