Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Are Reportedly Starring In A Sci-Fi Movie Together & YES PLEASE MAKE THIS FILM ALREADY!

jennifer lawrence chris pratt starring together in a film

We are so 100% totally here for this!!

Could you imagine Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt starring together on the big screen?

Uh, we TOTALLY can! They’d be the most perfect costars EVER!

According to Variety, J.Law has been rumored to be the lead in the Sony-helmed film and The Wrap has reported that the Parks & Rec star will be the romantic lead opposite her!

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However, not only would they be starring together, but the film they’re going to be starring in a sci-fi romance film called Passengers!

The film, which was written by Jon Spaihts aka the guy writing the upcoming Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, takes place on a spacecraft in the future.

Which pretty much has us sold already, but apparently what would be Chris Pratt’s lead wakes up from a cryogenic sleep a little too early, AKA 90 years too early.

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So, obviously, he wakes up a female passenger to help pass the time!

Sounds like with these two as the leads, the world is in for another HIGHlariously awesome space movie!

What do YOU think? Would you see Passengers starring these two?!

Feb 9, 2015 12:38pm PDT

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