The LEGO Movie Directors Shade The Oscars During The BAFTA Awards! But Was Their Speech Censored By The BBC??

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Of all the year’s Oscars snubs — and there were a lot — the most head-scratching was probably the exclusion of The Lego Movie for Best Animated Film!

We mean, wasn’t it the frontrunner?

Sure enough, the imaginative classic took home the very same BAFTA Award on Sunday.

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And directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller couldn’t resist getting in a little dig at the Academy that snubbed them.

During their acceptance speech, Chris said:

“You guys win the best award for best Academy.”

to which Phil replied:

“Oh yeah, you are our favorite Academy by far.”

It wasn’t the harshest of slams, but for some reason the BBC didn’t air the full speech during the main awards ceremony.

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Maybe it was just edited for time, as they did eventually show the shade during a highlights broadcast later in the evening — around midnight!

Luckily, at least one fan was up late and captured the sassy moment!

Phil capped off the speech by teasing a big rant but instead saying:

“This is the end of the awards road for us. The good news, though, is we can say whatever we want tonight. There are no consequences, there is no one left to impress and there is nothing to lose, so this is what we really think: we are very grateful and very proud. Thank you guys very much. Good luck and godspeed. Thanks.”

Aw! Love those guys!

And can’t wait to see what they get snubbed for next! We’re sure it will be awesome!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

Feb 9, 2015 2:37pm PDT

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