Details About Bobbi Kristina’s Candlelight Vigil Last Night Revealed As Health Status Remains The Same

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We bet Bobbi Kristina would appreciate all of this support.

On February 9, Bobbi’s aunts, uncles, and tons of fans attended a Shining A Light For Healing vigil for the 21-year-old who has been in coma since late January after she was found face-down in a bathtub.

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The vigil, which took place in an amphitheater not far from Emory Hospital where BK is currently receiving care, was an event for people to pray for the renewed health of Whitney Houston‘s daughter.

According to attendees, a rainbow appeared above the amphitheater as people arrived, a sign which many deemed as hopeful. In addition, Houston’s hit songs played before the service began and a ton of speakers, including a pastor and the local mayor, relayed messages of hope to the devastated audience.

Mayor Evlyn Wynn Dixon of Riverdale said:

“Praise the Lord everyone. Forget that Bobby and Whitney are renowned artists. They are people and they hurt and bleed like us. It’s hard looking a child on a ventilator, what to do. If you take her off, she coulda lived. No one knows what to do. On behalf of the city council, we got your back with prayers with whatever you do. Whatever troubles that baby had had, whether she never got over her mama, we pray for her.”

We think Dixon encapsulated the tragic nature of this situation perfectly.

Pastor Dukes added:

“We aren’t here just to yell, ‘Wake Up!’ because God is holding her right now, whether she wakes up her not, God has her and she’s going to be good either way.”

How sad.

While Bobby Brown‘s siblings, Tommy, Tina and Leola attended the vigil, he decided to forgo the event. Whether Brown was at Bobbi’s bedside or the vigil was too difficult for him, we’re not sure.

As aunt Tina left the amphitheater, she uttered a final comment to reporters:

“We’re just continuing to pray.”

We just hope the family finds peace no matter the outcome. Also, we hope justice is served if foul play was involved.

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Feb 10, 2015 9:10am PDT

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