EXCLUSIVE! The Country Gal & The Kennedy Heir: Will Miley Cyrus & Patrick Schwarzenegger Stand The Test Of Time? Our #1 Astrologer Terry Nazon Reports!

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Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are quite an unlikely pair!

Not only do the two come from starkly different backgrounds, but even their interests seem totally divergent!

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So, we consulted our favorite astrologer, Terry Nazon, to find out if opposites really do attract.

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Here’s what Terry had to say about the Achy Breaky Heart heiress and the Kennedy heir’s chance for true love:

“Sagittarius Miley and Virgo Patrick might not seem like they have much in common but they do. Their mutual stars pull them together. Where he might be less aggressive in pursuing romance with others he wasn’t shy with Miley, and she was ready to be pursued. He is looking for a woman with star quality and a big personality. She needs someone who lets her be herself. She is looking for a guy with a soft heart. Both are at their best home alone with each other. Her planets show clearly that she will marry “up” socially.”

Aww, sounds good so far! It seems like Miley and Patrick balance one another out!

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As for how these radically different celebs act independently, Nazon revealed:

“The male born Virgo gets the reputation as being a notorious bachelor, but this isn’t necessarily true. There are plenty of Virgo men who marry young, love family life, are doting fathers and faithful husbands. Just don’t touch their stuff. Sagittarius girls too, have gotten the reputation of being Tom-Boys with their love of the outdoors, desire for freedom and willingness to try anything at least once.

Hmm, we think Cyrus and Schwarzenegger both have desirable traits that make them prime dating material!

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When it comes to the pair’s future, our fave astrologer was VERY hopeful:

“Both Miley and Patrick have strong ties to their mothers and love their families immensely. If they can bring their families together to embrace this relationship and not let anything pull them apart, they have every chance at a happy romantic life together. Both Miley and Patrick know what they want, both can recognize potential mates on sight, and both have strong personalities; with him being a little more flexible than her, of course. It is unlikely that anyone could or would be able to break them up for long. She will be fearful of losing him throughout 2015 and any disapproval coming from his family will hurt Miley deeply. Miley has a booming career and Patrick will see lots of success too with his easy going natural charm. It’s likely that career pressures and work will play a role in keeping them apart throughout 2015. If this Sagittarius and this Virgo can stay together, there could be a proposal by the end of 2015.

A proposal?! Someone needs to perform a welfare check on Maria Shriver STAT!

While it’s difficult to imagine Billy Ray Cyrus and Arnold Schwarzenegger breaking bread at Thanksgiving, we’re happy for Miley and Patrick!

True love knows no bounds!

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Feb 11, 2015 3:22pm PDT

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