This Dog Ran Away From Home To Find Her Owner In The Hospital Where She Was Recovering From Surgery!

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This is such a Homeward Bound moment!

When Dale Franck‘s Miniature Schnauzer Sissy went missing over night last weekend in Cedar Rapids, the 66-year-old feared the worst.

That is until he got a call from the nearby hospital that they had located his pup in an incredible way!

Apparently, Dale’s wife Nancy had been recovering from Cancer surgery at Mercy Medical Center for two weeks, and Sissy somehow knew how to get from their home all the way to the hospital lobby… 20 blocks away!

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That’s literally the sweetest thing we’ve heard all day!

It’s still unclear exactly how Sissy made it to Nancy, but we’re thinking she knew her owner needed her and just followed her nose.

Talk about man woman’s best friend!

[Image via KCRG Iowa.]

Feb 12, 2015 11:36pm PDT

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