James Franco Is Going Back In Time To Try & Save John F. Kennedy?! Well, On TV He Is! Deets HERE!

james franco new time travel series on hulu

A Stephen King book involving time travel now being made into a mini-series?

Starring James Franco? We can get into it!

The Interview star has signed on to star in (and produce!) an adaptation of 11/23/63 for Hulu and the concept sounds SUPER awesome!

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The project, which is being called an “event series” AKA a mini-series, centers around Jake Epping, an English teacher in the present who finds himself traveling back in time.

So, what’s his goal?

Oh, nothing major. He’s just gotta try and save President John F. Kennedy from his assassination. NO BIG DEAL.

However, Franco’s character will have a lot of challenges along the way like falling in love (typical), Lee Harvey Oswald (duh), and the past… not wanting to be changed? Whaaaaa?

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We’re pretty flabbergasted at that last thought. The past has control over what happens? Is it it’s own entity?!

Though, this IS being adapted from Stephen King, so basically ANYTHING is possible.

Will YOU be tuning in to see James Franco in this?

Feb 13, 2015 2:38pm PDT

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