Lance Armstrong Has Been Fined The MOST MONEY EVER (No, Really!) For Using Performance Enhancing Drugs!

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It’s time to pay up, Lance Armstrong!

In a recent ruling, Lance was ordered to pay 10 MILLION DOLLARS (the largest sanction against an individual in American judicial history) to SCA Promotions, a Dallas sports company that paid him hefty bonuses for each Tour De France win.

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Essentially, when Armstrong lied under oath in 2005 about taking performance enhancing drugs, the sports company took his word and never went after the shamed sports legend… until NOW.

The arbitration panel in Texas that made the decision for Lance to pay back the money said:

“Perjury must never be profitable.”

Simple and sweet!

The cyclist’s legal team, however, says Armstrong and SCA Promotions reached a private settlement in 2006, so there’s no reason he should cough up additional dough now.

Hmm, we have a feeling the 43-year-old will have to pay up — the panel seems firm in their decision!

So, do YOU think this judgment is fair?

[Image via Village Roadshow Productions/WENN.]

Feb 17, 2015 3:40pm PDT

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