You Won’t Believe How Many Times 50 Shades Of Grey Has Been Pirated Already! Or Who Doesn’t Want You To See It!

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Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t just breaking box office records!

The blockbuster has quickly become one of the most pirated movies of all time!

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Though there isn’t even a DVD quality rip of the film online, about 300,000 downloaded illegal copies in the first three days alone!

And that’s just a copy made by someone with a shaky camcorder in a theater!

Similar rips of last year’s biggest hit Guardians Of The Galaxy were only downloaded 198,873 times in its opening weekend.

These numbers just prove what we already suspected — no, not that society is full of degenerate pirates — that people would prefer to watch 50 Shades with the shades drawn!

Then again, some people would prefer you not watch the film at all!

Olympian Lolo Jones tweeted:

Well, if Lolo doesn’t want to see it, she’s certainly not alone.

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But why does it matter to her if other people want to see it? Clearly she thinks it’s too perverted to even exist!

We don’t care whether you watch 50 Shades or not — we just want you to pay for it!

Feb 18, 2015 2:50pm PDT

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