Bruce Jenner’s Racing Pal Speaks Out About Transition News — He Just Wants The Olympian To Be ‘Happy’

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What a good friend.

On February 18, Bruce Jenner‘s friend and fellow race car driver, Scott Pruett, revealed he supports the Olympian’s plans to transition into a female.

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Scott, who met Bruce in 1983, gushed about the reality star’s sex symbol status:

“Bruce was a stud, man. Just a great studly jock that had the world by the tail at the time. He worked really hard at it and had good natural ability. He knew, with his background, he was in great shape; he had the ability to jump in a car and go drive and be on his game for hours.”

We can’t say we’re surprised by Pruett’s kind words — the reality star will ALWAYS be a sports legend!

Obviously, during the height of Jenner’s racing days in the 80s, the two became close friends. The pair’s friendship is why Pruett claims he has his pal’s back no matter what.

The race car aficionado explained:

“I don’t walk in his shoes. I wish him well with whatever makes him happy. He’s always been nothing but supportive and helpful to me and I wish the same back to him.”

Aww. Scott brings up a good point about Bruce — the father (and stepfather) is a VERY supportive person. From sex tapes to crazy reality TV story lines, the Olympian has always stood by fam and friends no matter the circumstance.

The kind words of Bruiser’s pal is VERY different from poker legend Doyle Brunson, who spoke out against the transition news this past week.

Doyle tweeted:

“I can’t believe Bruce Jenner is trying to become a woman? He was a hero of mine since I was involved in track long ago. #Sayitsnottrue. This man was an Olympic champion that set all kind of records. That’s a woman? My hero? Come on!”

Sheesh. It’s very interesting to see the vastly different reactions of people in the sports community.

We’re just glad Scott is there to support his friend becuase that’s what Bruce needs most right now.

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Feb 18, 2015 12:38pm PDT

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