Jimmy Fallon Gets ANOTHER Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor! Introducing: The Tonight Dough!

He’s awesome!

So it makes sense that he receives one of the most awesomest flavors!

Jimmy Fallon is already a legend for his complete revival of The Tonight Show with his enthusiasm and comedic chops, and now the host may cause another franchise’s ratings to go soaring!

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The late night host will be the main delicious part of a new ice cream flavor for Ben & Jerry’s that’s called The Tonight Dough Starring Jimmy Fallon and we have a feeling it’ll be just as delicious as the name is clever!

The ice cream will have caramel mixed together with some chocolate ice cream nestled with chocolate cookie swirls, mounds of chocolate-chip cookie dough AND peanut butter cookie dough.

That’s a lot of dough, yo!

He was previously honored with Late Night Snack for his gig on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Check out all the deliciousness by watching the announcement happen on Jimmy’s show up (above) !!!

Feb 18, 2015 11:50am PDT

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