Jon Stewart’s Plans For Life After The Daily Show May Surprise You!

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He seems excited to be entering the unknown!

Jon Stewart shocked the world when he announced that he will be leaving The Daily Show later this year.

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Everyone is wondering what the funny man’s next step will be!

Well, he finally revealed the answer on the Employee Of The Month podcast. He said:

“I’ve got maybe four or five more years with the kids before they really don’t want anything to do with me. I’m just not there … But believe me, I feel like I’m going to work even more, I’ll just be able to do it more near to them … I’d love to do more stand-up.”

We can’t WAIT to see a Jon Stewart stand-up special! We just wish he could do that AND The Daily Show.

But Jon also discussed why he felt the time was right to step down, explaining:

“You can only go so far with four facial expressions and five-to-seven curse words. There are so many iterations of that, that you can do, before people just go hmm. I would love to see the next iteration of that.”

Aww. We’ll definitely be missing this man more than he’ll ever know! And there’s going to be a TON of pressure on the next host whomever that may be.

But it seems like Jon’s happy with his decision and that’s what really matters in the end!

Feb 20, 2015 5:33pm PDT

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