Sex And The City 3 Is On The Way?! Kristin Davis Provides A New Hope!

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When all seems lost, Charlotte always knows what to say!

Althought there’s nothing official just yet, Sarah Jessica Parker and her pals may still be coming back to the big screen with a third Sex and the City movie!

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It was actually Kristin Davis who renewed our hope during this past Wednesday’s Oxfam dinner.

Here’s what she said about the possibility of a third movie:

“I think we’d all like to do it again. We want to do it!”

Good! Because we want them to do it, too! LOLz!

Kristin went into further detail about the times there have been hints of another sequel. She said:

“Every once and while something comes over us. I can’t explain it. We get nostalgic. We start tweeting each other crazy things and then all of a sudden people are talking about it and we’re like, ‘Uh-oh.'”

Well, duh! We all love you gals so much – how is it even a surprise when people freak out?! And this time is no exception!

Stop the teasing and start up productions again!

We need our four BFFs back in our lives like right now!!!!!!!

Feb 20, 2015 11:06am PDT

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