Jason Jones Won’t Be Taking Over For Jon Stewart — He’s Leaving The Daily Show Too! Will Samantha Bee Be Going With Him?!

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Who will take over for Jon Stewart when he steps down from The Daily Show later this year?

No one knows yet, but we can cross another name off our list!

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Longtime correspondent Jason Jones announced on Tuesday morning that not only would he not be taking over the main desk — he’s leaving the show too!

Jason tweeted:

Awww! He and his wife Samantha Bee were our favorite fake news team!

And though she hasn’t made an official announcement, we’re guessing she’s going with him!

That show he’s talking about on TBS is a comedy created and executive produced by the couple, all about a family road trip gone wrong!

Sort of a dark(er) National Lampoon’s Vacation!

Well, we’ll certainly miss them on a Daily basis, but we can’t wait to see them succeed when they take their act on the road!

[Image via Comedy Central.]

Feb 24, 2015 5:00pm PDT

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