Local News Anchor Uses A Racial Slur ON AIR To Refer To Lady GaGa’s Oscars Performance! You Won’t BELIEVE What She Said!

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Wow, the Oscars were way more controversial than we thought! At least, the media surrounding them was.

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Kristi Capel, of Cleveland’s Fox 8 News, was remarking on Lady GaGa‘s Sound Of Music tribute performance when she used terminology so offensive — and frankly confusing — that you have to see it to believe it.

Kristi said:

“It’s hard to really hear her voice with all the jigaboo music — whatever you want to call it — jigaboo!”


That’s not only offensive, it’s downright nonsensical!

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Kristi later tweeted an apology, presumably after she was given an overdue education during the commercial break! She wrote:

We wonder if Kristi’s co-anchor Wayne Dawson accepted her apology.

His face when she uses the antiquated racial slur — it’s like he can’t believe what he’s hearing!

Watch and decide if she know what she was saying or not (below)!

[Image via Fox 8.]

Feb 24, 2015 12:11pm PDT

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