Whoopi Goldberg Calls Out Giuliana Rancic For Her Zendaya Comments On The View… Says She’s No Joan Rivers!

Whoopi just opened a can of whoop-ass!

With Giuliana Rancic receiving a ton of hate for her hurtful comments on Fashion Police and Zendaya raking in a lot of support for her mature response, it’s no surprise that the ladies of The View decided to join the conversation.

While all of the panel had good points on the matter, Whoopi Goldberg had the strongest feelings about the whole “patchouli oil” and “weed” stereotyping, mostly on account that she herself has dreads!

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Basically, she tells Giuliana that she needs to pick up the phone and call Zendaya and apologize in a better manner than Twitter.

But that’s not even the best part — she goes on to say that Giuliana is no Joan Rivers!

Plus, Nicolle Wallace doesn’t know what “chic” means while Rosie Perez confuses patchouli for tabbouleh … which is pretty indicative of their hosting abilities.

Ch-ch-check out Whoopi’s strong opinion on the whole ordeal (above)!!!

Feb 24, 2015 7:00pm PDT

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