News Anchor Suspended For Using The Word ‘Jigaboo’ On Air! Find Out How Long The Punishment Is For HERE!

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This was not a good way to start the week, and now she’s being punished for her mess up!

Kristi Capel is an anchor in Cleveland for WJW Channel 8’s morning newscast, but the Fox affiliate won’t be in the newsroom anytime soon after she screwed up in a horrendous way!

The news anchor was going over the Oscars this past Monday and started to talk about Lady GaGa and her performance at the big show. But when she dropped the racial slur “Jigaboo” not once but twice… well, people became very upset with her!

And although she apologized for her words, that apparently was not enough!

The news anchor who was once a beauty queen has since been suspended for THREE WHOLE DAYS from her station and is expected to return to the air this Monday.

Wait. We guess that’s not a whole lot of time, actually!

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The news station has since released a statement about the incident saying:

“Kristi regrets her actions and realizes the impact of her mistake and the hurt she has caused. On Tuesday afternoon, Kristi met with a group of African-American clergy from Northeast Ohio to begin the process of reflecting on the gravity of this incident. In her on-air apology, Kristi vowed to learn from this experience and has begun that process with help from clergy, friends, family and co-workers.”

Her co-worker, who was on the air with Kristi when she messed up, Wayne Dawson has since come out to publicly support her, saying on air:

“I’ve been working with you for three years, so I think I know your heart. And I know you didn’t mean it. . . . So my thing is that you learn from it, you move on. It’s time to forgive and move on. My prayer is that our viewers forgive and move on because she’s a good girl. She really, really is.”

We’re sure the viewers will forgive his peer eventually although it may take a while for her to earn their trust back.

But one thing we feel absolutely sure about is Kristi never going to use words she hasn’t vetted the definition for ever again! LOLz!

That’s basically a given!

[Image via Fox 8.]

Feb 25, 2015 3:45pm PDT

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