Madonna Speaks Out On Kanye West, Lady GaGa, & Taylor Swift! The Queen Of Pop Is Talking Feuds And Isn’t Holding Anything Back!

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When the Queen of Pop speaks, we listen.

In the March 2015 edition of Rolling Stone, Madonna spoke out about today’s most controversial musicians like Kanye West, Lady GaGa, and Taylor Swift.

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The singer dubbed Kanye a “brilliant madman,” explaining:

“He’s a brilliant madman. He can’t help himself. Like, he doesn’t have the same filters other people have. He has to blurt things out├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥he’s always saying inappropriate stuff. But he also has brilliant ideas in the studio, if you can get him to pay attention long enough. I don’t always agree with the things he says or does├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥I don’t always like his music, even.

But he’s a beautiful mess. I love him…I think he takes award shows too seriously…So that part of him I can’t relate to. Like, what’s the point of fighting for somebody to…like, ‘This person should have got it?’ Don’t come to an award show looking for justice!”

We can totally see what Madge is saying about the award show thing — it’s obvious West gets way too fired up over the pageantry! Hmm, we’re also curious to know how the rapper feels about the term “beautiful mess”!

As for the 56-year-old’s alleged feud with Lady GaGa, the legend squashed the rumors, saying:

“I don’t think she wants my crown…We live in a world where people like to pit women against each other And this is why I love the idea of embracing other females who are doing what I’m doing. The only time I ever criticized Lady Gaga was when I felt like she blatantly ripped off one of my songs. It’s got nothing to do with ‘she’s taking my crown’ or ‘she’s in some space of mine’. She has her thing.

I do think she’s a very talented singer and songwriter. It was just that one issue. And everybody’s obviously run with it and turned it into a huge feud, which I think is really boring, quite frankly. And you know what? I don’t care anymore. Here’s the thing: one day everyone’s going to shut up about it. You’ll see! I have a plan.”

Umm, a plan?! Honestly, we’re a tad scared by the ominous nature of that statement — ha!

Oh, and if you’re wondering how Madonna feels about Tay, let’s just say the icon is smitten:

“She has an opinion, and she’s going against the norm. So in that respect, she is similar to me, yeah. And also, people just want to give her a hard time all the time because they think she’s a goody-two-shoes, so of course I want to embrace her.”

Wow — the singer just compared herself to Swift! What a compliment! We think someone needs to do a welfare check on Tay Tay because she may have just fainted.

So, do YOU agree with Madonna’s opinions?

[Image via Rolling Stone.]

Feb 25, 2015 2:00pm PDT

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