Texas Lawmaker Wants To Make It A Crime For Transgender People To Use Restrooms Matching Their Gender Identity!

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Her name may be Riddle, but this is no joke!

A Texas state representative named Debbie Riddle has introduced legislation that would make it a crime for a transgender person to use a restroom matching their gender identity.

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A person over the age of 13 using a restroom that doesn’t match their gender could face a misdemeanor charge.

Even more severely, building owners permitting a person over the age of 7 to use a restroom that doesn’t match their gender could face felony charges!

The bill defines gender as the gender assigned at birth or by chromosomes, thereby excluding the entire transgender and gender non-conforming communities.

At least the bill makes accommodations for individuals helping children, providing medical assistance, or cleaning the restrooms. But that isn’t enough.

Sadly, there are similar bills proposed in Florida and Kentucky.

However, progressive cities like West Hollywood have gender-neutral restrooms and even gender-neutral signs that do away with the old stick-figure man and woman.

Aren’t there more important things for legislators to worry about like education and health care reform?!

Feb 26, 2015 3:47pm PDT

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