Entire World Watches As Two Majestic Llamas Tried To Make A Run For It In A High Speed Chase! You Can’t Stop Their Love!

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Just like Jay Z and Beyoncé, their love is on the run.

Two llamas spent most of their Thursday the way everyone else who was busy working in Sun City, Arizona wished they could: by running around playing hooky.

However, their escape from their respective cages led dozens to help try and recapture them. For a while, many tried to capture them but no one succeeded.

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Yes, it was hilarious watching so many fail at nabbing these beautiful — and surprisingly very fast — creatures.

While they spent most of their time together, the black Llama eventually got caught, leaving the white one to continue his trot.

However, the last remaining Llama was eventually lassoed by a guy in the back of a truck. Pretty impressive.

Was this the sequel to The Emperor’s New Groove? We may never know.

BTW, we’re not saying you SHOULD remix the video of the high speed chase with Bad Boys, the theme from Cops, but we’re not NOT saying that either.

[Image via ABC.]

Feb 26, 2015 4:02pm PDT

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