Kanye West Reportedly Lies Down At The End Of Performance On Jonathan Ross Show Before Storming Offstage! (Update: See The Performance!)

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Looks like there’s some conflicting reports about Kanye West‘s diva like behavior! We’re not sure what to believe!

Well, what can be believed is that Kanye made an appearance on ITV1’s on The Jonathan Ross Show, where he performed Only One.

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After that, things get hazy…

Reportedly, Yeezy decided to lie down on the floor on his back at the end of his song, and refused to get up to talk to Jonathan Ross, before storming out of the studio.

Apparently, Jonathan lied down next to Kanye and made the following comment:

“If you want to spoon I don’t mind. It’s not as big as Kim’s but it’s all yours.”

Whoa, shade thrown much?

After that, Kanye reportedly remained silent before wordlessly exiting the studio. What a not-so-grand exeunt, if true!

Well, a source close to the rapper tried to combat this account:

“There was a technical difficulty during the first performance so while they were waiting to run through a second time, Jonathan went over to lay next to him and they were cracking jokes quietly together until production was ready to run it through the second time.’ After the second performance the audience gave him a standing ovation which Kanye was completely moved and humbled by. He stood in front of them and raised his hands together, took a gracious bow and put his hand on his heart to thank them… And prior to the performance when Kanye arrived to the show Jonathan hung out with him in his dressing room and they spent 15 minutes laughing, catching up, there was nothing but love and positive vibes. Jonathan even mentioned he had an extensive Sex Pistols collection and invited Kanye to preview his archive anytime.”

Even an ITV spokesperson had this to say about Kanye’s involvement:

“Kanye West was booked on the show solely to perform, which he did brilliantly.”

Well, what do you all think? Was Kanye being a diva?


Here’s video of the performance! It looks like he was a GOOD SPORT at the end!

What do you think??

Feb 27, 2015 4:47pm PDT

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