Rumored Couple Kylie Jenner & Tyga See The Sexiest Movie Of The Year — 50 Shades Of Grey!

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It’s crazy to think that just one year ago Kylie Jenner wouldn’t have been able to buy her own ticket to Fifty Shades of Grey.

On Thursday night, Kylie and her rumored boyfriend, Tyga, reportedly went to see the sexiest movie of the year — and it’s clear they did NOT want to be seen together.

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Both Kyles and the rapper were spotted walking SEPARATELY into the film, but were later caught driving home in the same car.

Hmm, is this a flick two “friends” see together? Especially friends who are heavily rumored to be dating?!

Well, it’s clear from this R-rated movie outing and the recent purchase of her OWN home that Jenner wants us to know she’s all grown up!

Now we’re really curious to know what the pair thought of the steamy cinema!

[Image via Focus Features/Ginsburg Spaly.]

Feb 27, 2015 10:42am PDT

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