NBC Nightly News Ratings Have Been Going Up Since Lester Holt Took Over For Brian Williams!

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This is surprising — but only because of how quickly the turnaround has been!

Brian Williams won’t be going back to his job at NBC Nightly News anytime soon since his suspension started for lying, and many believed his absence from the job would prove to tank ratings at his show… which IS what happened at first.

But we guess those who thought that are feeling pretty wrong these days as Brian’s replacement for the time being, Lester Holt, has been doing one fantastic job in his place!

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In fact Lester has pulled in HIGHER ratings since he stepped into the anchor chair!

Why just last week ratings went up seven percent to an estimated 10.1 million viewers and the show is number one in viewers between the ages of 18-49.

However, it could be said that Brian Williams actually drove the ratings up since he’s been in the news so much — a lot of people were sure to be interested in how Lester would do as the replacement.

Turns out he can hold his own pretty well!!

[Image via Brian To/Dan Jackman/WENN.]

Feb 27, 2015 9:24am PDT

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