Real-life Notebook Couple Die Holding Hands

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This is just so sad, yet touching.

Floyd and Violet Hartwig spent 67 years married to one another.

So it only seemed right that the spent their final moments together.

Violet had been suffering dementia for several years when doctors told Floyd even more bad news: he had kidney failure and only two weeks to live.

Their daughter Donna Scharton put her parents in hospice together. Despite his deteriorating condition, Floyd still made Violet his priority. But eventually, his body gave out. Scharton emotionally explained:

“We could tell my dad was in a lot more pain. We said ‘it’s getting close,’ so we pushed the hospital beds together as far as we could. We put their hands together, and my dad died holding my mom’s hand. Mom was not coherent, but we told her that dad had passed away and that he was waiting for her. She died five hours later.”

The Hartwigs died on February 11th hand-in-hand, just as they had been when they got married in 1947. A similar scene played out in the 2004 tearjerker, The Notebook.

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We hope these lifelong loves are in a better place together.

Feb 27, 2015 12:01am PDT

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