Kelly Clarkson Had No Idea Her Latest Song With John Legend Was A Tokio Hotel Cover!

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Seems like it was an honest mistake!

Kelly Clarkson has an amazing song out these days with John Legend called Run Run Run and the pop singer is legitimately excited about how amazing the two sound on the song!

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But when the band Tokio Hotel tweeted out to their followers about the Clarkson song and called it a cover – Kelly was pretty confused!

Which led to a series of amazing tweets between the two parties!

Here’s how it first went down:

Well, Kelly saw that tweet and responded:

But the whole thing was definitely confusing for Kelly who then sent off a few tweets:

Well, when Kelly tweeted all that – Tokio Hotel responded with their own version of events. A version that made it almost impossible not to know the whole truth! They tweeted:

And Kelly was understandably shocked and a little embarrassed! But she handled it pretty well by tweeting:

And Tokio Hotel responded in the most adorable fashion by tweeting:

We’re glad everything seems to be cleared up now and hopefully those song credits will be fixed ASAP!

Kelly somehow turned a messy situation into one where both sides are expressing their love for one another!

Only Kelly Clarkson could do that, folks! She’s amazing even when she’s wrong!!

Check out BOTH versions of the ah-mazing song down (below) !!!

Feb 28, 2015 2:22pm PDT

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