Madonna Hacking Suspect Indicted In Israel! Get All The Details HERE!

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We’re glad that justice for this person is coming.

And that potentially no more albums from this fine lady will be released early!

The person responsible for the early leaking of Madonna‘s album Rebel Heart was arrested in Israel a few weeks ago, and the 39-year-old aspiring Israeli singer has now been indicted, as well.

The aspiring Israeli singer’s name is Adi Lederman and he’s been charged with computer trespassing, prohibited secret monitoring, copyright infringement and obstructing an investigation.

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But court documents in the case reveal that Adi didn’t just steal and leak demos from Rebel Heart but also was able to hack the demo Give Me All Your Luvin’ from Madonna’s previous album MDNA.

The former Israeli singer apparently started hacking three years ago after feeling super disappointed about his exit from the Israel singing reality show Kohav Nolad.

He was able to hack into access a cloud storage account from someone on Madonna’s team and it was there where he got access to all of the unreleased material.

Here’s what the court papers said:

“During 2012, after trespassing Zambrano‘s cloud account as detailed in the first count, the defendant copied an early version of the song ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ ‘ by Madonna for trading purposes and sold it soon after.”

Investigators also revealed that the Israeli singer stole a lot of other audio files – including rehearsal sets for award shows – and sold these files for “tens of dollars to a thousand dollars and more.”

Obviously these actions caused a lot of pain for Madonna and her team, and because of that and the seriousness of these charges – the prosecution asks the court in the court documents to “impose a custodial prison sentence if [the defendant] is found guilty.”

And while no trial date has been set yet, the prosecution has requested that the defendant is NOT to be released in the meanwhile since his release might endanger the safety of the public!

If convicted, Adi Lederman faces up to five years in prison — which would be a long time that he could take to think over his actions that have caused a lot of pain to the Queen of Pop!

But at least now she can release Rebel Heart on March 5th without worrying about whether any more hacking will be done to her in the future by at least this specific person!

Feb 28, 2015 1:01pm PDT

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