Zelda Williams Opens Up About Her Father Robin Williams And Says He’s ‘Impossible To Forget’

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She’s really handling this as well as anyone possibly could.

The passing of Robin Williams left millions of people with a broken heart, but no one suffered as much as the actor’s children.

But Zelda Williams stepped out in a rare appearance on Friday with her mother Marsha Garces for the Noble Awards in Beverly Hills.

And although she of course wants to keep her father’s memory alive – she admits it’s basically unlikely she ever will forget the larger-than-life man.

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Here’s what she said:

“For me it’s easy to continue remembering someone that is impossible to forget.”

Zelda also talked about stepping back into the public limelight and how it was something she felt she needed to do. She explained:

“It’s not difficult, it’s just a strange feeling. It’s okay, it’s going to be okay, but it is a transition. It’s acknowledging that you have to stop feeling that the outside world does not exist, because for a short while it doesn’t.”

You may remember Zelda got a beautiful tattoo of a hummingbird in remembrance of her father, and she explained what the tattoo means to her, saying:

“If you’ve seen them fly, and if you know a little bit about them, they’re impossible to keep in one place. Every time people see them it’s not like they say, ‘Oh my God, a hawk!’ It’s a hummingbird, and that was the reaction that my father got, from children, from fans, from senior citizens, and that’s what hummingbirds always meant to me.”

Robin Williams and Marsha Garces really did a wonderful job with their children and Zelda is a shining example of their parenting.

She’s only 25 and yet she’s so wise at this point in her life. Robin Williams would be so proud of her.

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Feb 28, 2015 5:19pm PDT

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