The Walking Dead Finally Kills Off Rick’s Beard — And You Won’t BELIEVE How Hot He Is Without It!

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It’s Monday, so of course that means The Walking Dead has killed off another character we’ve grown to know and love.

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But this victim didn’t die at the hands and mouths of a zombie horde or a crazy gubernatorial wannabe. No, this one was all cut up and left in pieces — in the bottom of a sink!

Yes, Sunday’s episode meant the demise of Rick’s apocalypse beard!


The gang followed its first openly gay character Aaron to the community of Alexandria, and not only was it NOT a cannibal depot like Terminus, but they also had electricity and running water!

Showers and shaving!

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Andrew Lincoln AKA Rick Grimes shaved off his grimy whiskers, and the result was…


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Holy crap, we forgot how handsome he was! No wonder the episode was called Remember!

Rick hasn’t been this clean-shaven since… well, since Love Actually we guess!

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For the past couple years, Norman Reedus has been TWD‘s resident hottie, but well…

Let’s just say there’s a new sheriff in town!

[Image via AMC.]

Mar 2, 2015 11:13am PDT

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