EXCLUSIVE! The Man With The Most Convincing Fake Oscar & Most Award-Winning Prank Ever Pulled Off In Hollywood Dishes On His Epic Night On The Town!

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And the award for best prank video ever goes to (opens fake envelope)… Mark David Christenson. By a landslide. Like seriously, we didn’t even need to open the fake envelope in the first place.

That’s right, in case you missed it, Mark, along with YouTube‘s New Media Rockstars, decided to walk through Hollywood on Oscars night with a very convincing fake Academy Award, and a very sharp tux.

Needless to say, checkpoints guarded by security were easily passed, free food was eaten, free drink was imbibed, and free condoms were gifted, which just goes to prove that yes, if you do win an Oscar, for one night you basically can do whatever you want.

Yes, like The Purge.

Mark’s ballsy night out has since gone viral, and has accrued over a million views in just two days.

We were lucky to have an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mark, and ask him some questions about his epic night.

For those of you who collectively gathered your jaws from the floor when you saw Mark get past security outside of the Dolby Theater, know that Mark tried his darnedest to get inside:

Never did make it into the Dolby Theater, you need legitimate Oscar credentials to get that far. I got as far as the media camp before being directed away from the ceremony.

In the video, Mark scores a number from a major hottie (how ’bout dem apples?), but have they been texting? Is their love on the horizon?

In the video, I informed the girl that it was a prank however did not make it to the party with her after all. There are no future plans for us and we have not texted since the night of the prank.

In the video, there’s a brief moment where Mark can be spotted shaking hands with another gentleman in a tuxedo who bears a 50% resemblance to Bradley Cooper. Did he happen to see any celebs while he were out?!

How cool would it have been to run into an actual Oscar winner in the middle of a prank! Yet, it never did happen oddly enough. That is the one moment that New Media Rockstars and myself really wanted to happen but it never did.

So, was there any point in the night where Mark was stopped at all?

No one every stopped me or questioned me on being a fake Oscar Winner the entire night. There was one white mustached gentleman, I do believe was officially with the Oscars, at the Roosevelt Hotel that took a very long and close look at my statue while I was being swarmed by admirers wanting selfies and when we met eyes I could tell he knew it wasn’t legit. I winked at the gentleman and said “You know what I am doing.” He simply laughed, made no attempt to stop the charade and I continued to take selfies with several people.

Hmmm why does it always feel like white-mustachioed men always seem to know the score, and also use archaic terms like “the score?”

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Oh, and about the car that Mark drove away with at the valet stand… those valets were chill about the brief heist:<

You see the final moments after returning the car in the video and the valet to my surprise was very cool about it. Would be a different story if we had not brought back the car. However, it was a safe drive and no harm was done to the vehicle.

So, can we expecting anymore prank videos from Mark and New Media Rockstars?

This was a New Media Rockstars’ idea and they’ve been wanting to work with me so they reached out for this project. I think the success of this will be opening the doors for more projects together however we are only talking right now, nothing has been decided (or is this answer a prank?)

You can see Mark perform with his UCB Harold team Landlord.

Mar 3, 2015 4:15pm PDT

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