Dylan O’Brien Cast As Spider-Man? Robert Downey Jr. Playing Iron Man In First Movie?! All The Spectacular Scuttlebutt You Can Handle!

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OMG, if all this Spider-Man news is accurate, fans are in for an AMAZING ride! No, scratch that — a Spectacular one!

First, an anonymous Reddit user — one who also leaked the story that Spider-Man would be rebooted as a Sony/Marvel crossover — says that the casting is DONE.

According to his inside sources, one of our top picks Dylan O’Brien has already accepted the role!

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And in the first film — which may be called The Spectacular Spider-Man — the new Peter Parker will be facing off against Robert Downey, Jr.!


Here’s how the rumors shake out:

The new Spidey film will NOT be an origin film. Fair enough, we’ve all seen Uncle Ben die plenty of times, right?

The planned Sinister Six movie is canned for now, but its director Drew Goddard (pals with Avengers helmer Joss Whedon!) will take on the first Spider-Man movie.

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In that film, high school-aged Spider-Man will meet and fight Iron Man!!!

Then, he will try to join The Avengers team and fight some super-villains, quite possibly the Sinister Six (guess they don’t have to throw EVERYTHING away)!

Now remember, these are all rumors at the moment, totally unconfirmed by either studio. But if this is the big March 5th announcement RDJ teased on Twitter we’ll know soon enough!

Man, we hope so!

See you Thursday!

[Image via Marvel/20th Century Fox.]

Mar 3, 2015 10:30am PDT

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