Oscars May Be Making A Return To Its Former Format… You Know, Only Having FIVE Best Picture Nominees?!

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They’re changing it again?!

Six years ago there was a rule change that made it possible for ten films to be nominated for the Best Picture category at the Oscars.

That happened in 2009 after The Dark Knight wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, but apparently the voters in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have NOT been impressed with the results so far from having a maximum of ten movies nominated instead of the old rule of just having five!

And although there is no official change on the horizon — it could happen soon since the Academy’s board of governors are set to meet on March 24th to discuss some things!

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The motivations behind such a change is apparently the argument that having so many potential Best Picture nominations waters down the prestige of the award and also may be contributing to the ratings decline of this year’s telecast!

However the other side of the argument is that going back to the five nominations would actually contribute to a ratings decline, as well.

So basically no one knows what to do!

We’re not sure what’s the correct answer is either but it does feel like some films are nominated for Best Picture almost to make up for the fact that something was snubbed the previous year.

It’s a tricky situation and we’ll be curious to see if any decisions are made after the Academy folks meet at the end of March. Until then!

Mar 4, 2015 2:45pm PDT

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