Honey Boo Boo And Her Family Do NOT Agree With TLC About Fulfilling Old Contract! Has TLC Dropped The Ball On Past Promises?? You Decide!

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These two powerhouses are going at each other!

And both believe they are in the right!

Honey Boo Boo‘s family apparently believes their contract with TLC is officially over, and Mama June and co. are free to sign with anyone else they want.

The reason Mama June and others believe that is because they’re pretty darn sure that TLC hasn’t owned up to promises they had made contractually and therefore their contract isn’t worth a damn!

The part of the contract that TLC apparently didn’t come through with was its promise of making sure they pay the family’s entire health insurance not just for 2014 but up until May of this year!

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But TLC has their own version of what they were and were not supposed to do, and the network is claiming they had only agreed to pay for the family’s health insurance until the end of 2014 and as an extra bonus offered to do it up until May, as well.

And it’s the May part that’s bothering Mama June!

However, TLC has already said they’re going to pay the health insurance at some point — just not right now.

We actually understand why that might bother Mama June. Her family could need health insurance now, not whenever TLC decides to pay for it! On the other hand, she brought a convicted child molester back into their lives and tanked the whole show, so we can see why TLC wouldn’t want to deal with that.

Meanwhile the the family can’t make another reality series with another network!

Come on, TLC! Pay up or get off the Honey Boo Boo pot!

Mar 4, 2015 9:42am PDT

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