Zachary Quinto Cannibalizes The Competition By Landing A Guest Starring Role On Hannibal!

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We’ll take this news with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

NBC must LOVE this actor! He’s always appearing on one of the network’s shows!

Zachary Quinto will be appearing on the hit show Hannibal‘s third season in a guest starring role and we are SO excited by this fabulous news!

Season three will be airing on a television near you this summer, which will give Mr. Quinto time to get into character as he’s currently starring on the NBC miniseries show The Slap.

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This actor is one of the few who can deftly play characters on the big screen AND the small screen as his star making role on the NBC show Heroes proved.

That show may have gave him an in for his latest role as the show-runner on HannibalBryan Fuller — was also a consulting producer on that show.

Although it is unclear if Quinto will appear in more than one Hannibal episode, a short description of his role on the show has been made available! He will be playing the part of a patient who is being looked after in some shape or form by Gillian Anderson‘s character on the show.

And if you watch on a regular basis then you’ll know what that means and what you can expect! Nothing less!

Mar 4, 2015 8:00pm PST

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