Kendall Jenner Gets Mobbed At The Balmain Show… The Very Same One Kim Kardashian Was Attacked At During September’s Paris Fashion Week!

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This sounds like the curse of the Balmain fashion show at work again! JK, but seriously!

Do you remember last year when Kim Kardashian got attacked before the design house’s showing during Paris Fashion Week in September??

Well this time, it was her sister Kendall Jenner who almost hit the deck.

While she was at the presentation for work on Thursday, way too many fans tried to take a selfie with the model — and the mob became pretty unruly.

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Because selfies make people go crazy?! Give her some space, y’all!

There’s a video circulating online that shows the mayhem, and we have to say it looks pretty scary.

Luckily her bodyguards were able to neutralize the situation and she’s safe! PHEW!

Now Kim and her little sis are truly members of the Balmain Army. They’ve survived two fan attacks!

[Image via Getty Images.]

Mar 5, 2015 5:02pm PDT

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