More Craziness In Florida: Man Shoots His Neighbor… Then Drives The Dead Body To His Lawyer’s Office

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Well, okay then.

A man from Bokeelia, Florida named John Marshall apparently got into a fight with his neighbor Theodore Hubbell Jr. this past Wednesday, and Marshall claims he had to kill his neighbor in self defense.

But even though he alleges he had no choice but to commit the killing, he apparently panicked after it was over and decided to make a visit to his lawyer’s office.

His lawyer, Robert Harris, was then subsequently shocked when his client came to his office with the dead body in his truck because Marshall didn’t want to leave the body where it was.

And although the lawyer believes that this is the “cleanest-cut case of self defense” he’s ever seen, the details paint a pretty disturbing picture!

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The lawyer claims his client and the victim had a lot of problems with each other over the years.

Recently, the victim apparently approached Marshall and that is when it all went down.

Here is what the lawyer said:

“This man went up to him and said he wanted to apologize for his behavior and then pulled the gun.”

The two men then battled over the gun until Marshall accidentally shot and killed Hubbell during the struggle. Which is why the attorney is saying this is self defense!

He said:

“He’s distraught. He’s a man who fought for his life tonight, but it doesn’t change the fact that someone is dead.”

No charges have been filed yet but some neighbors of the victim and the suspect have their doubts about the picture that is being painted.

Neighbor Jill Hammer doesn’t get why someone would drive with a body in the back of their pickup truck to their attorney’s office if they killed someone in self defense. She said:

“If I had in self defense had to shoot somebody or kill somebody in my home or near my home, what would I do, drag the body into my vehicle and take it to a lawyer? I would be calling 911 – that’s what you do – any sane person would.”

That’s kind of a good point.

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this story to see what happens to this man who claims he shot only in the act of self-defense.

We wonder if that will still be the case once the police investigate this terrifying matter!!!

Get more information on this story by checking out the video (below) !! WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

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Mar 6, 2015 2:27pm PDT

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