Harrison Ford’s Expert Piloting Skills Saved His Life — Get The Details On The Actor’s Aptitude For Flying HERE

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Harrison Ford is one impressive guy.

Just one day after Harrison’s plane crash, we’re learning how the actor survived the incident with just moderate injuries.

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According to eyewitness and fellow pilot Ryan Kavanaugh, the 72-year-old did ALL the right things to avoid fatally crashing after the engine on his World War II-era training glider stalled out.

Ryan, who flies his helicopter to work, explained:

“Harrison did exactly what you’re supposed to do. You rotate it and take it to the ground to the right and it won’t stall out. The problem with these planes is if you slow down there’s not enough air speed, the lift stops and the nose will point down. Instead he knew that he couldn’t do that with the plane. He did the proper roll turn that you need to do and kept it going so he wouldn’t stall out, and found a big open field in the golf course.”

Wow, Ford really knows his stuff! Props to Calista Flockhart‘s hubby!

Kavanaugh elaborated:

“He had a five-second decision to make. As the pilot, when an engine goes out it’s pure instinct. You train for this stuff. But 99 percent of pilots don’t go through it. And 99 percent of pilots in this situation would have ended up crashing the plane.”

We’re so glad Harrison knew EXACTLY what do in this emergency and we wish him the best of luck during his recovery!

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Mar 6, 2015 9:30am PDT

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